Our Ladyfingers

Dulcis Ladyfingers have the color of golden wheat
and they shine with sugar to the crowing of a rooster in the morning that watches over the fresh eggs of its hens.

Dulcis Ladyfingers are born in the bread oven, impregnated with ancient traditions and a sign of the cross that accompanies the dough to bless the best man can do with his hands.

They cross the sea to the Continent where they also accompany “poor” dinners, those of hot milk with a teaspoon of honey. To warm the heart in Northern Italy where it snows and in the South where breakfast can be enjoyed on the terraces facing the sea.

They are soft and crumbly to be enjoyed with tea or milk for breakfast or soaked in coffee for tiramisu.

The Dulcis Ladyfingers recall the snow of the Fonni mountains and the scent of the Sardinian sea that the Mistral carries by caressing the lips just before tasting one.

Sardinia travels in taste